Contemporary Social Theory Reading Group

The Contemporary Social Theory (CST) reading group is a space for postgraduate scholars and researchers at Curtin University’s National Drug Research Institute to explore the significance of contemporary social theory—including feminist science studies, science and technology studies, new materialism, governmentality theory and postcolonial and posthumanist theory—for the study of alcohol and other drugs.

The reading group takes place once a month is convened by SSAC’s Dr Renae Fomiatti.


CST Reading Group October 2018 – After Method & ‘Enacting Multiple Methamphetamines’

A fledgling group of PhD students and researchers from NDRI’s Melbourne office came together for the reading group’s first meeting on a Wednesday evening. Over haloumi fries and beverages at a local pub in Fitzroy, Melbourne, the group discussed a chapter from John Law’s book After Method (2004), alongside Robyn Dwyer and David Moore’s (2013) paper ‘Enacting multiple methamphetamines: The ontological politics of public discourse and consumer accounts of a drug and its effects’.