Dr Aaron Hart

Aaron Hart

Research Associate

Aaron is Research Associate at the National Drug Research Institute, Curtin University. His research focuses on intersections between public health, human service practice, disadvantage and social stratification. His PhD – awarded in 2016 by Curtin University – investigated the ways in which social and economic disadvantages transform young adults’ heavy drinking events. It contributed to the fields of alcohol epidemiology, public policy and clinical science. Aaron has previously worked as a researcher for a number of community service organisations and has published about youth homelessness, unemployment and economic development.

Aaron’s current research on performance and image enhancing drug (PIED) use focuses on the ways that individuals give meaning to PIED use and the practices associated with it (e.g. injecting, gender and the body, health, the self, hepatitis C risk). It will develop insights into the preferences for harm minimisation information among people who use PIEDs, and ideas about how health professionals and service providers might respond to PIED use.


Aaron welcomes supervision opportunities in the sociology of youth and adult alcohol and other drug consumption, disadvantage and health, human service practice, and social approaches to health and illness more broadly. His theoretical interests include post-structural and post-human approaches to subjectivity, materiality and the body. Aaron has particular interest in the use of Latour and Actor Network Theory and Science and Technology Studies (STS) in qualitative research.


  • PhD Health Sciences, National Drug Research Institute, Curtin University
  • BA (Hons), Melbourne University

Research Interests

AOD use, critical public health, human service practice, social disadvantage and stratification.